Putting dettol on the cut on my leg. It appears I have not used dettol for awhile. It’s still good right?

I know looks like I’ve been on the winning end of a fist fight right? Nope…. Bubble soccer injuries. It’s hard work rolling over so much. But so fun!!

Last one for tonight… Mum and I at our place in fern tree gully. I remember I was wearing mums jean shorts and a don’t worry be happy singlet. I thought I was the bomb!! It would have been maybe 1988 or 1989. Or at a push 1990.

Prep photo! I was 5. Great hair!!!

Me and Glenn with our sausage dog willie! I loved him so much!! Ping @bonechaos_

Me and Glenn, again at Holbrook I think. Must have run out of cats…. But found some sheep!

Don’t know what’s with my hair, but even the cat looks horrified! Again don’t think it’s Meg’s as I’m too old… Meg’s died when I was much younger. #crazycatlady

I think this is in holidays with family in Holbrook. No ideas whose cat it is… But what did I say….. #crazycatlady

Let’s take it back to my first day if school. Even then I was a crazy cat lady… Maybe it was Meg’s? Pretty cute right? What happened??

Me and Kelly at Colin and shonas wedding. 4 words… Long Island iced tea. Great wedding so much fun!!!