Tania and I on the last day of year 12. Wow. Time flies.

This is me and my first boyfriend. I cannot remember his name! Jo… Help me out?? I was maybe 13 ish?

Oh too funny. I don’t even know what is going on. I’m doing the splits on the floor and Emma is sculling wine from a cask @emmakmcinnes

Look at me flashing some belly….. With Jo and tash… Safeway gals… I really want red hair again.

Look at the boys!!! Scott, Reuben and Colin. How young are they????

This was outside the Cairo museum. Me, Glenn, Lauren and Gail. The year was 1995/1996 I can’t remember.

This was I think Reuben and kels engagement party?

Far out Tania I don’t think we’ve changed that much in 10+ years???

Nawwwwww. Scotty and me